The Civic Tech English Website Index

大家好!This is the civic tech English website index! Please add more websites to this list if you don’t see them listed. 

Civic Tech

  1. The Civicist 
  2. The Sunlight Foundation Blog 
  3. MySociety Blog 
  4. Code for America Medium Blog 
  5. Living Cities 
  6. Democracy Club 
  7. Knight Foundation
  8. Decision Theater - Arizona State University
  9. Civic Solutions for Localities : Projects

Civic Tech Blogs

  1. Joshua Tauberer (govtrack, popvox) 
  2. Laurence Grodeska (Accela – civic engagement software, civic makers medium) 
  3. David Eaves 
  4. Scott Rosenberg (*not really civic tech at all, but popular open-source thinker, wrote “Dreaming in Code, and Say Everything) 

Open Data/Open Government 

  1. Open Knowledge International Blog 
  2. The World Bank Open Data Blog 
  3. Open Data Watch 
  4. Socrata (provides data vis and analysis tools for opening government data) 
  5. Open Government Partnership
  6. World Alliance for Citizen Participation, CIVICUS
  1. The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT)
  2. Participatory Budgeting Project
  3. Open Spending
  1. Open Constitute
  2. Regulation Room

Sustainable Business/Social Innovation

  1. Pioneer Post 
  2. Guardian - Sustainable Business 
  3. White House - Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation Blog 
  4. Next Billion (University of Michigan project) 
  5. Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog 
  6. Omidyar Network 
  7. OpenIDEO

Environment Focus/Social Good

  1. Triple Pundit 
  2. Social Earth (very good for civic tech projects with development focus) 

Digital Activism

  1. Organizer Sandbox (medium - updated regularly) 
  2. Adbusters 
  3. Jacobin 
  4. ParticipateDB (the digital engagement catalogue)
  5. Liquid Democracy : Projects

Hacking/Hacker News 

  1. The Intercept 
  2. Hacked 
  3. Tech Dirt 
  4. The Guardian (hacking section) 
  5. HackRead 

Crowd Source Journalism examples

  1. Bellingcat (by and for citizen investigative journalists) 
  2. Reddit – Data is Beautiful 

Mainstream Sites with occasional civic tech or social business stories

  1. Mashable (social good) 
  2. Fast Company (Exist) 
  3. The Verge (by Vox) 
  4. Wired 
  5. Recode (by Vox) 
  6. Vice - Motherboard 
  7. AV Club - Great Job Internet!